Improve Students Writing Skills

Applecross Literacy Clinic can significantly  Improve Students Writing Skills

Students referred to the clinic frequently do not have an understanding of basic sentence structures. They do not use the basic conventions of writing such as full stops and capital letters correctly or consistently. Their writing is often simplistic.

Back to Basics will Improve Students Writing Skills

improve students writing skillsTo improve students writing skills, the Clinic aims to make students aware of the three basic sentence types-simple, compound and complex sentences. They are taught how to write carefully structured paragraphs using a variety of sentence types correctly.

When students are able to write simple paragraphs correctly, they are shown how to add interest and variety to their writing. To improve students writing skills this involves introducing adjectives, adverbs, phrases and clauses to make their writing more interesting to read.

Frameworks to Improve Students Writing Skills

To improve students writing skills, we also aim to give them the frameworks necessary when asked to write longer and more complex pieces of work. These include narratives, reports, procedures etc.

Follow this link for more information regarding how to improve students writing skills.

Many students are reluctant writers and need to be encouraged to expand their ideas and express them in a logical, sequential and correct manner. With consistent, structured practice they become more confident in doing this. Applecross Literacy Clinic can improve students writing skills.

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One on One tutoring
Small Groups - 2 children of same age and similar profile
Cater for students from a wide area
All qualified teachers with current WACOT registration.
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Benchmark standardised tests to get initial levels
Programs are written for individual students based on assessments
Tests that may be used include ... PAL, CELF, WIAT-II, TOLD, TOWL etc.
Reassessments encouraged after 6 months to check on progress and changes are made if necessary to the programs

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